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Tax Management

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It is essential to have proper tax management system that will ensure utilizing every tax credit, enjoy all tax incentives, enjoy all tax holidays, minimizing tax liabilities, bring in system of tax avoidance, and avoid all tax fines and penalties which frequently arise due to ignorance in tax laws.

We offer tax consultancy services that covers both Corporate Tax Management and Personal Income Tax Management as highlighted below:

We manage:

  • Value Added Tax - VAT
  • Capital Gain Tax - CGT
  • Company Income Tax - CIT
  • Tertiary Education Tax - EDT
  • Withholding Tax - WHT
  • Personal Income Tax – PIT

Once we are engaged, we ensure:

  • Timely Preparation of tax returns, filing and Remittances.
  • Statutory deduction and remittances to authority(s).
  • Withholding tax are properly managed to reduce tax liability.
  • Representation and Presentation during tax audit.
  • PAYE are properly managed at state and federal level.
  • Processing of Tax Clearance Certificate (TCC).
  • Attaining to other tax matters and queries.
  • Tax avoidance to the extent that is legitimate.

While carrying on tax services to our client, we are aiming on reducing company’s tax liability to the minimal level of acceptance. 

We aim to provide tailor-made and value embedded solutions to our clients and    spread accountability across all organizations no matter the size and location.

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