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Business Development Services

Business Development Segment

Our job involves writing business plans and channel them to fit client-desired directions.

We write feasibility studies/business plans to accommodate the budgeted fund.

It is very important to have your business plan written by a professional before embarking on a project. This will help you to know the total fund for the project. This will make you to avoid urgent borrowing to complete a project which is always at a very high rate. Other project will not be halted for the project as the investment cost is already known. The project will be started and completed as budgeted.

Promotions of product and services: we undertake in taking your existing or new product or services to those who need them.

Other services we render to clients include the following:

  • Advertisement of an entity’s business
  • Marketing produce and services
  • Business Advisory
  • Hiring and training of accounting staff
  • Entrepreneurs and leadership training
  • Installation of accounting software & training of users. 

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