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Audit & Investigation

Magnifying glass on a paper being audited

Our Special Way

We always applied our professional techniques we built to our firm in carrying on duties. We apply these special techniques of ours on the examination of accounting record. And on financial and other nun-financial data
These special technique of ours makes us unparalleled with our peers in the industry.

Our technical application of investigative and analytical approach to resolving issues are unique.

We carry out these services in a professional way that will meet the standards, the requirements of the law and that of our clients.

Statutory audit can only be conducted by Chartered Accountants Firm.

Our parent company is a Firm of Chartered Accountants, hence will attain to our need for statutory audit.

Aside statutory audit other audit services we offer to clients include

  • Investigation audit
  • Forensic audit
  • Internal control system audit
  • Compliance test, etc.

While carrying on these services, our aim is to reducing business risk to acceptable level of tolerance.

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