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Accounting & Book Keeping System

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Our accounting services applies effective and efficient accounting system that best suit a client business and ensures compliance to accounting concepts, standards and other regulations that guides the operation and satisfies other requirements with prudential concept.

It will be a prudent strategy to outsource your accounting service to us for proper management of the system and let your management team focus on your core business line for maximum optimization.

What we do in Accounting and how we do it.

Prudential Consulting Ltd offers wider range of accounting services to its clients in totality and in specific area of demand as the case may be. 

Some of these often required accounting services highlighted under the headings below:

  1. Book-keeping Services
  2. Virtual Accounting Services
  3. On-site Accounting Department Services
  4. Designing of accounting system Services
  5. Designing of Internal Controls system Services
  6. Accounting software installation Services
  7. Payroll Management Services
  8. Management Information System Services
  9. Inventory Management Services
  10. Warehouse Management Services
  11. Bank reconciliation Services
  12. Cash flow analysis Services
  13. Asset register management Services
  14. General & specific financial reporting Services
  15. IFRS conversion Services
  16. Feasibility Reports Services
  17. Periodic Management Reporting Services
  18. Company Reorganizations Services
  19. Receivership Services
  20. Cost Accounting preparation Services

1. Book-keeping services

We offer accurate book-keeping services to our clients and ensure that the financial records are properly kept and readily available for management at all time.

Booking keeping is the process of keeping accurate records of account of a business.

In other words, it’s a system of ensuring proper documentation of all transactions that occur within and outside the business premises.

2. Virtual Accounting (Off-site Accounting Services)

Prudential offer both virtual and on-site book-keeping services to clients and ensure relevance, accurate and timely reports are issued to client whether it being for or not.

Virtual Accounting (Off-site Accounting Services involve managing accounting department outside client’s premises, where our client has no office space for accounting department, or chooses to operate/manage it outside his premises. We provide virtual accounting services that are suitable and available for all business operations. 

This system is best suitable to clients who don’t distractions in their office and for clients who runs Portfolio Company with no office space.

3. On-site Accounting Services

Where a client chooses on site accounting services, our ways of operation is industry specific, we apply the method that is well suitable for each business entity.

It entails running accounting department in the client office, providing adequate supervision to the staff, to ensure compliance to accounting standards. This will further strengthen the internal control system, while complying with the statutory requirements. It’s cheaper and convenience to out-source accounting services to experts to handle while the management concentrate on their area of core competent. We have Experts in all areas of accounting readily available to handle all your accounting services for you at affordable fees.

4. Designing Accounting System Services

We design Accounting system that is base fit with the nature of business and operating system of different organizations. 

We are skillful in designing and structuring account department that prevent irregularities yet give way to the smooth running of the business.

It involves the Processes and Procedures of smooth running of organization established to fit the business purpose, which will form the operating system of the entity.

5. Internal Controls System Services

Our audit experience gives us age over control system, we ensure the process of checks and balances are put in place to be followed in carrying out business transactions in an organization. 

We set up or strengthen internal control system that is capable of controlling the inherent risk of the business, prevent fraud, errors and irregularities. And to prevent financial loss.

6. installation of accounting software and training

We recommend and acquire accounting software that is conservative and moderate to the size of a business to keep proper track records and generate a wider range of managerial reports for decision making. 

We install the software and train the users continue on follow-up till satisfied. 

It is highly recommendable for businesses to acquire a suitable accounting software that fit their business operations such as retailing business, consulting firms, supermarket, schools, hospitality and other service providers. A software that can be used to monitoring and supervision of in-flows and out-flows to prevent irregularities and economic waste.

7. Payroll Management Services

Our services on Payroll Management system ensure proper calculation, deductions and remittances of all statutory deductions, voluntary deductions and other form of deductions are properly accounted for. Some of these deduction includes:

  • Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund – NSITF
  • Industrial Training Fund, ITF
  • Pay As You Earn - PAYE
  • Pension deduction
  • Voluntary contribution
  • Loan deduction
  • Other deductions

We provide modernize and comprehensive payroll system service that aids Management Information System.

9. Inventory Management Service

Our team are specialists in Inventory management system to organize, identify which and how stock to ordered at a particular time and when to place order. We tracks inventory from purchase to sales and guard against stock out. 

We identifies Inventory and responds to trend using lead time to ensure there's always enough stock to fulfill customer orders and proper warning of a shortage.

Our focus center on efficient and effective ordering, storing, moving, and picking raw materials, components, or finished products to fulfill customer’s order.

10. Warehouse Management Service 




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